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The Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) demand for NetCentric capabilities to the war fighter real-time access to information has created an environment where users want access to information wherever they may be, no matter the time of day (anytime, anywhere). This "always on" environment introduces a series of new challenges to the current information infrastructure. NetCentric Solutions, Inc. (NSI) provides the professional engineering services required to meet these new challenges; offering telecommunications and expertise solutions in Multi-Domain, Multi-level Secure Thin Client, Workstation and Sever, 24 x 7 Network Operating Center (NOC), Information Security, Systems Integration, Optical Engineering, Enterprise Management, Program Management,Consulting Service, Return Merchandise Agreement (RMA), and IP. Our professionals have years of real-world experience and are considered experts in their specific practice areas. With a NSI professional, you can be assured that the technology is implemented properly and securely.